The Android target supports building Pigweed on devices using an Android Native Development Kit (NDK).


This target is under construction, not ready for use, and the documentation is incomplete.


You must first download and unpack a copy of the Android NDK and let Pigweed know where that is located using the pw_android_toolchain_NDK_PATH build arg.

You can set Pigweed build options using gn args out.


To build for this Pigweed target, simply build the top-level “android” Ninja target. You can set Pigweed build options using gn args out or by running:

gn gen out --args='

On a Windows machine it’s easier to run:

gn args out

That will open a text file where you can paste the args in:

pw_android_toolchain_NDK_PATH = "/path/to/android/ndk"

Save the file and close the text editor.

Then build with:

ninja -C out android

This will build Pigweed for all supported Android CPU targets at the default optimization level, currently arm, arm64, x64, and x86.

To build for a specific CPU target only, at the default optimization level:

ninja -C out arm64_android

Or to build for a specific CPU target and optimization level:

ninja -C out arm64_android_size_optimized