Emcraft SmartFusion2#

The Emcraft SmartFusion2 system-on-module target configuration uses FreeRTOS and the Microchip MSS HAL rather than a from-the-ground-up baremetal approach.


To use this target, pigweed must be set up to use FreeRTOS and the Microchip MSS HAL for the SmartFusion series. The supported repositories can be downloaded via pw package, and then the build must be manually configured to point to the locations the repositories were downloaded to.

pw package install freertos
pw package install smartfusion_mss
pw package install nanopb

gn args out

Then add the following lines to that text file:

dir_pw_third_party_freertos = getenv("PW_PACKAGE_ROOT") + "/freertos"
dir_pw_third_party_smartfusion_mss = getenv("PW_PACKAGE_ROOT") + "/smartfusion_mss"
dir_pw_third_party_nanopb = getenv("PW_PACKAGE_ROOT") + "/nanopb"

Building and running the demo#

This target does not yet build as part of Pigweed, but will later be available though the pw_system_demo build target.