Writing style guide#

This style guide explains how you should style written content that’s published on pigweed.dev.



This style guide applies to all written content that’s published to pigweed.dev.


  1. Check if this writing style guide answers your style question.

  2. If you don’t find an answer in this guide, check the Google developer documentation style guide (GDDSG). If the GDDSG answers your question, use that answer.

  3. If neither this guide nor the GDDSG answers your question, create an issue in the Pigweed tracker. The answer will either get added to this guide or to the GDDSG.


The GDDSG is the “base class” of Pigweed’s writing style. The writing style guide you’re currently looking at is the “derived class” that can override the base class as needed. Overrides must have very strong rationale.


Titles and section headings#

Use sentence case. See Capitalization in titles and headings.