pw_system CLI reference#

usage: pw system console [-h] [-d DEVICE] [-b BAUDRATE] [--serial-debug]
                         [-o OUTPUT] [--logfile LOGFILE]
                         [--host-logfile HOST_LOGFILE]
                         [--device-logfile DEVICE_LOGFILE]
                         [--json-logfile JSON_LOGFILE] [-s SOCKET_ADDR]
                         [--token-databases elf_or_token_database [elf_or_token_database ...]]
                         [--config-file CONFIG_FILE]
                         [--proto-globs PROTO_GLOBS [PROTO_GLOBS ...]]
                         [-f TICKS_PER_SECOND] [-v] [--ipython]
                         [--rpc-logging] [--no-rpc-logging] [--hdlc-encoding]
                         [--no-hdlc-encoding] [--channel-id CHANNEL_ID]

Named Arguments#

-d, --device

the serial port to use

-b, --baudrate

the baud rate to use

Default: 115200


Enable debug log tracing of all data passed throughpyserial read and write.

-o, --output

The file to which to write device output (HDLC channel 1); provide - or omit for stdout.

Default: <_io.FileIO name=’<stdout>’ mode=’wb’ closefd=False>


Default log file. This will contain host side log messages only unles the –merge-device-and-host-logs argument is used.

Default: “pw_console-logs.txt”


Include device logs in the default –logfile.These are normally shown in a separate device only log file.


Additional host only log file. Normally all logs in the default logfile are host only.


Device only log file.

Default: “pw_console-device-logs.txt”


Device only JSON formatted log file.

-s, --socket-addr

Socket address used to connect to server. Type “default” to use localhost:33000, pass the server address and port as address:port, or prefix the path to a forwarded socket with “file:” as file:path_to_file.


Path to tokenizer database csv file(s).


Path to a pw_console yaml config file.


glob pattern for .proto files.

Default: []

-f, --ticks_per_second

The clock rate of the trace events.

-v, --verbose

Enables debug logging when set.


Use IPython instead of pw_console.


Use pw_rpc based logging.


Don’t use pw_rpc based logging.


Use HDLC encoding on transfer interfaces.


Don’t use HDLC encoding on transfer interface.


Channel ID used in RPC communications.

Default: 1