pw_chrono_embos is a collection of pw_chrono backends that are implemented using embOS v4 for 32bit targets.


This module is under construction, not ready for use, and the documentation is incomplete.

SystemClock backend

The embOS based system_clock backend implements the pw_chrono:system_clock facade by using OS_GetTime32(). An InterruptSpinLock is used to manage overflows in a thread and interrupt safe manner to produce a signed 64 bit timestamp. Note that this does NOT use OS_GetTime_us64() which is not always available, this could be considered for a future alternative backend for the SystemClock.

The SystemClock::now() must be used more than once per overflow of the native embOS OS_GetTime32() overflow. Note that this duration may vary if OS_SUPPORT_TICKLESS is used.

Build targets

The GN build for pw_chrono_embos has one target: system_clock. The system_clock target provides the pw_chrono_backend/system_clock_config.h and pw_chrono_embos/config.h headers and the backend for the pw_chrono:system_clock.