pw doctor confirms the environment is set up correctly. With --strict it checks that things exactly match what is expected and it checks that things look compatible without.

Projects that adjust the behavior of pw_env_setup may need to customize these checks, but unfortunately this is not generally supported yet.

Checks carried out by pw_doctor include:

  • The bootstrapped OS matches the current OS.

  • PW_ROOT is defined and points to the root of the Pigweed repo.

    • If your copy of pigweed is intentionally vendored and not a git repo (or submodule), set PW_DISABLE_ROOT_GIT_REPO_CHECK=1 during bootstrap to suppress the anti-vendoring portion of this check.

  • The presubmit git hook is installed.

  • Python is one of the supported versions.

  • The Pigweed virtual env is active.

  • CIPD is set up correctly and in use.

  • The CIPD packages required by Pigweed are up to date.

  • The platform support symlinks.


The documentation for this module is currently incomplete.


Options for pw doctor can be specified in the pigweed.json file (see also SEED-0101). This is currently limited to one option.

  • new_bug_url: What link is given to users be given for filing bugs. By default this is to the Pigweed Bug Tracker_.

  "pw": {
    "pw_doctor": {
      "new_bug_url": ""