pw_spi_mcuxpresso implements the pw_spi interface using the NXP MCUXpresso SDK.

There are two implementations corresponding to the SPI and FLEXIO_SPI drivers in the SDK. SPI transfer can be configured to use a blocking (by polling) method or non-blocking under the covers. The API is synchronous regardless.


Use of this module requires setting up the MCUXpresso SDK for use with Pigweed. Follow the steps in pw_build_mcuxpresso to create a pw_source_set for an MCUXpresso SDK. Include the GPIO and PINT driver components in this SDK definition.

This example shows what your SDK setup would look like if using an RT595 EVK.


pw_mcuxpresso_sdk("sample_project_sdk") {
  manifest = "$dir_pw_third_party/mcuxpresso/evkmimxrt595/EVK-MIMXRT595_manifest_v3_8.xml"
  include = [

Next, specify the pw_third_party_mcuxpresso_SDK GN global variable to specify the name of this source set. Edit your GN args with gn args out.

pw_third_party_mcuxpresso_SDK = "//targets/mimxrt595_evk:sample_project_sdk"

Then, depend on this module in your to use.

deps = [ dir_pw_spi_mcuxpresso ]


Example write using the FLEXIO_SPI initiator:

McuxpressoFlexIoInitiator spi(
   flexio_spi_config, CLOCK_GetFlexioClkFreq(), baud_rate_bps, blocking);

spi.WriteRead(source, destination);