Pigweed has preliminary support for Zephyr. See the docs for these modules for more information:

Get started with Zephyr and Pigweed#

  1. Complete the Zephyr Getting Started Guide.

  2. Check out the zds2023 repository for an example of a Zephyr starter project that has been set up to use Pigweed.

  3. See Zephyr Kconfig reference to find the Kconfig options for enabling individual Pigweed modules and features.


To test against Zephyr, first go through the Zephyr Getting Started Guide. Once set up, simply invoke:

$ . ${PW_ROOT}/activate.sh
$ ${ZEPHYR_BASE}/scripts/twister -T ${PW_ROOT}


Testing has only been verified with -p native_posix. Proceed with caution.