Main function wrapper and build utilities for Arduino

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The pw_arduino_build module contains both the arduino_builder command line utility and an Arduino Main Wrapper.

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See the Arduino target documentation for a list of supported hardware.

Arduino Main Wrapper# implements the standard setup() and loop() functions [1] that are expected in Arduino sketches.

Pigweed executables rely on being able to define the main() function. This is a problem for Arduino code as each core defines it’s own main(). To get around this the Pigweed Arduino target renames main() to ArduinoMain() using a preprocessor macro: -Dmain(...)=ArduinoMain(). This macro only applies when compiling Arduino core source files. That frees up main() to be used elsewhere.

Most Arduino cores will do some internal initialization before calling setup() followed by loop(). To make sure Pigweed main() is started after that early init we run it within setup():

void setup() {
  // Start Pigweed main()

void loop() {}


pw_arduino_Init() initializes the pw_sys_io_arduino module.


You may notice loop() is empty in and never called. This will cause any code appearing after loop() in an Arduino core to never be executed. For most cores this should be ok but may cause issues in some scenarios.


arduino_builder is utility that can extract compile and tooling information from an Arduino core. It’s used within Pigweed to shovel compiler flags into the GN build system. It will also work without Pigweed and can be used with other build systems.

Full documentation is pending. For now run arduino_builder --help for details.