Multi-purpose pluggable interactive console for dev & manufacturing

Stable Python Code Size Impact: N/A (host) but works best with pw_rpc on-device

The Pigweed Console provides a Python repl (read eval print loop) using ptpython and a log message viewer in a single-window terminal based interface. It is designed to be a replacement for IPython’s embed() function.

Pigweed Console screenshot with serial debug log messages.


pw_console aims to be a complete solution for interacting with hardware devices using pw_rpc over a pw_hdlc transport.

  • Interactive Python repl and log viewer in a single terminal window. This provides interactive RPC sending while the log viewer provides immediate feedback on device status.

    Pigweed Console screenshot showing RPC Python repl completions.
  • Easily embeddable within a project’s own custom console. This should allow users to define their own transport layer.

  • Log viewer with searching and filtering.


  • All code submissions to pw_console require running the Manual Test Procedure.

  • Commit messages should include a Testing: line with the steps that were manually run.