This module lays the foundation for implementing a backend cpu exception for the RISCV architectures:

For now, this contains the cpu state, protos, and tools needed for parsing and the snapshot. The entry for exception handling will still need to be implemented by the user.

Python processor#

This module’s included Python exception analyzer tooling provides snapshot integration via a process_snapshot() function that produces a multi-line dump from a serialized snapshot proto, for example:

All registers:
mepc       0x20047144 example::Serivice::Crash(_example_service_CrashRequest const&, _pw_protobuf_Empty&) (src/example_service/
mcause     0x00000003
mstatus    0x80007800
mtval      0x00000000
ra         0x2001e92c pw_log_tokenized_HandleLog (src/system/
sp         0x00095660
t0         0x20047120
t1         0xfffffff0
t2         0x00000800
fp         0x00095760
s1         0x000956dc
a0         0x00000004
a1         0x000956dc
a2         0x00000000
a3         0x00000004
a4         0x00000007
a5         0x000814b0
a6         0x000955e6
a7         0x00000000
s2         0x00000004
s3         0x20059114
s4         0x00000000
s5         0x000aae98
s6         0x00084a8f
s7         0xb7002653
s8         0xd20200f3
s9         0x00000002
s10        0xa5a5a5a5
s11        0xa5a5a5a5
t3         0xfffffffd
t4         0x00000000
t5         0xa5a5a5a5
t6         0xa5a5a5a5

Module Configuration Options#

The following configurations can be adjusted via compile-time configuration of this module, see the module documentation for more details.


The log level to use for this module. Logs below this level are omitted.

This defaults to PW_LOG_LEVEL_DEBUG.