pw_rpc over gRPC

Unstable C++17 C++20

pw_grpc is an implementation of the gRPC over HTTP2 protocol that utilizes pw_rpc for code generation and service hosting. It provides classes that map between pw_rpc packets and gRPC HTTP2 frames, allowing pw_rpc services to be exposed as gRPC services.


The Connection class implements the gRPC HTTP2 protocol on top of a socket like stream. Create a new instance every time a new connection is established. It will notify when new RPC calls are started, data is received, the call is cancelled, and when the connection stream should be closed.

The PwRpcHandler class is what maps gRPC events provided by Connection instances to pw_rpc packets. It takes a pw::rpc::RpcPacketProcessor to forward packets to.

The GrpcChannelOutput class is what handles mapping outgoing pw_rpc packets back to the Connection send methods, which will translate to gRPC responses.

Refer to the file for detailed usage example of how to integrate into a pw_rpc network.