pw_rpc Typescript package

The pw_rpc Typescript package makes it possible to call Pigweed RPCs from Typescript. The package includes a pw_rpc client library to facilitate handling RPCs.

This package is currently a work in progress.

Creating an RPC Client

The RPC client is instantiated from a list of channels and a set of protos.

const testProtoPath = 'pw_rpc/ts/test_protos-descriptor-set.proto.bin';
const lib = await Library.fromFileDescriptorSet(
  testProtoPath, 'test_protos_tspb');
const channels = [new Channel(1, savePacket), new Channel(5)];
const client = Client.fromProtoSet(channels, lib);

function savePacket(packetBytes: Uint8Array): void {
  const packet = RpcPacket.deserializeBinary(packetBytes);

The proto library must match the proto build rules. The first argument corresponds with the location of the proto_library build rule that generates a descriptor set for all src protos. The second argument corresponds with the name of the js_proto_library build rule that generates javascript based on the descriptor set. For instance, the previous example corresponds with the following build file: pw_rpc/ts/BUILD.bazel.

    name = "test_protos",
    srcs = [

    name = "test_protos_tspb",
    protos = [":test_protos"],

Finding an RPC Method

Once the client is instantiated with the correct proto library, the target RPC method is found by searching based on the full name: {packageName}.{serviceName}.{methodName}

const channel =!;
const stub = channel.methodStub('pw.rpc.test1.TheTestService.SomeUnary')!;

Calling an RPC

channel.methodStub() returns a general methodStub. It must be typecast before invoke can be called with the correct parameters.

Unary RPC

Only non blocking calls are currently supported.

unaryStub =
    as UnaryMethodStub;
request = new unaryStub.method.requestType();
request.setFooProperty('hello world');
const call = unaryStub.invoke(request, (response) => {

Server Streaming RPC

Once the server stream is invoked, responses can either be read by providing the onNext callback or using the promise API.

serverStreamRpc =
    as ServerStreamingMethodStub;

// Callback
const onNext = (response) => {console.log(response)};
const call = serverStreamRpc.invoke(undefined, onNext);

// Promise
const call = serverStreamRpc.invoke();
for await (const response of call.getResponses(2)) {
const responses = call.getResponse() // All responses until stream end.
while (!responses.done) {
  console.log(await responses.value());

Client Streaming RPC


Bidirectional Stream RPC



RPC timeout is currently unsupported on all RPC types.