Rust support in pigweed is highly experimental. Currently functionality is split between Bazel and GN support.


Bazel support is based on rules_rust and supports a rich set of targets for both host and target builds.

Building and Running the Embedded Example#

The embedded_hello example can be built for both the lm3s6965evb and microbit QEMU machines. The example can be built and run using the following commands where PLATFORM is one of lm3s6965evb or microbit.

$ bazel build //pw_rust/examples/embedded_hello:hello \
  --platforms //pw_build/platforms:${PLATFORM}

$ qemu-system-arm \
  -machine ${PLATFORM} \
  -nographic \
  -semihosting-config enable=on,target=native \
  -kernel ./bazel-bin/pw_rust/examples/embedded_hello/hello
Hello, Pigweed!


In GN, currently only building a single host binary using the standard libraries is supported. Windows builds are currently unsupported.


To build the sample rust targets, you need to enable pw_rust_ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL_BUILD:

$ gn gen out --args="pw_rust_ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL_BUILD=true"

Once that is set, you can build and run the hello example:

$ ninja -C out host_clang_debug/obj/pw_rust/example/bin/hello
$ ./out/host_clang_debug/obj/pw_rust/examples/host_executable/bin/hello
Hello, Pigweed!

Third Party Crates#

Thrid party crates are vendored in the third_party/rust_crates respository. Currently referencing these is only supported through the bazel build.