The $dir_pw_third_party/perfetto/ module provides the perfetto protos. Only the protos are provided, and not the entire distribution, as there is no need for it.

Code synchronization#

Unlike other third party libraries used by Pigweed, some perfetto source code is included in tree. A few factors drove this decision:

  • Core Pigweed tracing depend on these perfetto protos. Including the protos in-tree avoids having Pigweed require an external repository.

  • The perfetto repository is too large to require downstream projects to clone.

  • It provides a consistent approach between between bazel and GN builds.

  • Perfetto is used as part of the default build. pw package doesn’t currently have a good way to automatically install a required package.

Files are synced from perfetto repository to the third_party/perfetto/repo directory in Pigweed. The files maintain their original paths under that directory.


Code is synchronized between the perfetto repository and the Pigweed repository using the third_party/perfetto/ Copybara script.

To synchronize with the pigweed repository, run the copybara tool with the script:

copybara third_party/perfetto/

That creates a Gerrit change with updates from the perfetto repo, if any.

If the copybara command fails, the Copybara script may need to be updated. Try the following:

  • Ensure that the source files in are up-to-date. Fix the list if any files were renamed in Fuchsia.