pw_sys_io_mcuxpresso implements the pw_sys_io facade using the NXP MCUXpresso SDK.

The implementation is based on the debug console component.


This module requires a little setup:

  1. Use pw_build_mcuxpresso to create a pw_source_set for an MCUXpresso SDK.

  2. Include the debug console component in this SDK definition.

  3. Specify the pw_third_party_mcuxpresso_SDK GN global variable to specify the name of this source set.

  4. Use a target that calls pw_sys_io_mcuxpresso_Init in pw_boot_PreMainInit or similar.

The name of the SDK source set must be set in the “pw_third_party_mcuxpresso_SDK” GN arg


The configuration of the module can be adjusted via compile-time configuration of the MCUXpresso source set, see the documentation for more details.


Whether the MCUXpresso debug console supports non-blocking transfers. The default will depend on your SDK configuration.

Enabling this adds support for pw::sys_io::TryReadByte.